1. here’s a c.viper commission done at last weekend’s pax east. she’s one of my favs from the sf4 series!

  2. here’s a chie commission done at last weekend’s pax east.

    i wish i had time to play some persona!

  3. here is an akuma sketch i did at last weekend’s pax east convention in boston.
    i’m still getting the hang of drawing him. his face is pretty damn hard to get down!

  4. pax east was last weekend. i was sketching at the udon entertainment booth all weekend. i’ll be posting commission sketches throughout the next few days. 

    and as always, a huge thank you to the udon crew for having me there!

  5. hello, east coasters! pax east is this weekend. anyone going?
    swing by the udon entertainment booth(1197) and say hi! 
    long vo and i will be sketching all weekend!

  6. a red sonja commission done at this year’s emerald city comic con in seattle.

  7. here’s another pencil commission. this one was done for a strider fan. love the character, wish i had more time to work on him!

  8. here’s a close up shot of another commission done at last weekend’s emerald city comic con in seattle. 

    pencil full body commission of r.mika from street fighter alpha

  9. a skullkickers commission i sketched up at emerald city comic con last weekend. done on one of our sketch covers!

    this one is of kusia, my fav character in the series.

  10. just got back from seattle’s emerald city comic con. such a great con and a good way to start off the convention season.

    here’s a waist up commission of vega. he’s one of my fav chars to draw.