1. i just want to take a moment to thank the great guys at wwe magazine for having me be a part of their team for the last couple of years. i recently found out that they’re closing down their magazine division. it’s a sad moment, but ultimately a great run!

    above are a few magazine illustrations that i’ve done for them throughout the years. the amazing misty coats helped with a lot of the colors in these pieces.


  2. superman and batman fullbody commissions done at this year’s nycc :)

  3. iron fist commission done at last week’s new york comic con ‘14!

  4. here’s an old sample piece i did for this year’s evo2k14

    one of my fav street fighter alpha characters!

  5. here is sammy’s alternate ‘survivalist’ outfit from start to finish. her outfit was heavily influenced by terminator, the last of us, and mad max. 

    her weapons went from a snubnose gun and short-ranged uzis to a super long revolver and a bow. 
    not a lot of bumps in terms of the process. penciling/sketching her out took the longest. 

  6. here’s a pre commission piece of poison. i liked it a lot, so i decided to scan it. so if anyone wants to color it, just click on the deviant art link here. there’s a download link on the top right for the hi res.

    new york comic con is only a couple of days away!
    hope to see everyone there!

  7. nycc starts this thursday! make sure to drop by artist alley table w-16 to say hi :) jim zub and i will be signing, sketching and selling books all weekend!

  8. it’s that time of year again! new york comic con is just a weekend away. zub and i will be at the artist alley(w-16) sketching, signing and selling books all weekend.

    drop by and say hi!

  9. here’s a juri headsketch commission done at pax prime 2014. 

    i’m still getting the hang of color commissions. uphill battle!

  10. here’s another chun li piece. she’s my fav female street fighter and probably the most difficult to draw. her outfit is so iconic, that i get nervous drawing her. i’m pretty happy with how this piece came out though!

    more info on this piece soon!