1. the three casual rogues pieces and their super hero outfits. might work on more casual pieces if time ever frees up! these are a lot of fun.

    will continue posting next tuesday. pax prime is this weekend!

  2. attending pax prime? drop by the udon entertainment booth! (3808) 
    we’ll be selling books all weekend. aug 29- sept 1

    chamba, long vo, and i will be sketching and signing all weekend as well!

  3. quick drawing i did of spidey. thwip!

  4. here’s a full body commission of ibuki done at this year’s sdcc. i wish i threw more shading onto this piece. it’s definitely lacking

  5. here is a personal piece done of cammy in her vacation outfit that i designed for ultra street fighter iv

    had a lot of fun on this one!

  6. here is another casual rogues piece from start to finish. this one was my fav to work on out of all the casual outfits. i like how sammy’s punk look came out :)

  7. o-8:

    Sorry about the lack of updates recently, catching up on commissions still. Otakon was a blast, thank you to all who stopped by the table!

    In the meantime, here’s something from SDCC / recently- an art trade with  Edwin Huang - man every time I look at his pic of Fallout here, I’m totally getting kicked in the face. I love it! >XD

    here’s alex's side of the trade. his version of ursula is amazing!

    such an honor to this trade with him.

  8. street fighter + food! i don’t know why, but they go well with each other :)

    first two images are drawn and colored by me. last image is drawn by me and colored by the ever-so awesome misty coats!

  9. deviantart:

    Kick off your Sunday with edwinhuang’s awesome Guardians of the Galaxy fan art


    here’s my guardians of the galaxy piece finished! haven’t had a lot of free time as of late, so this one took a while.

    i drew them in their movie attire because zoe and chris pratt are complete badasses in the flick! hope you guys like it!

    -edwin huang

    big thanks to the peeps at deviant art for blogging this! keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. here is my 3 amigos piece finished. i had an absolute blast working on this commission.

    will post the process of this piece soon!