1. it’s that time again! sdcc is this wednesday. 
    i’ll be tabling with jim zub in the artist alley(gg-6). we’ll be signing, sketching, and selling books all week! we’ll be stocked with skullkickers, rogues gallery books, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

    i will also be doing a couple of signing sessions at the udon entertainment booth(#4529) on thurs 10am and sun 12pm. 

    hope to see you everyone there! it’ll be a fun one this year!

  2. extremely sorry for the lack of updates recently. just wrapped up anime expo and evo.

    above are a few commissions done by me, chamba, and long vo in that order.
    more to come after i tackle sdcc!

  3. hi guys!

    evo is this weekend. hope everyone practiced up. it’s gonna be a big one this year!

    also, chamba, long vo, and i will be signing and doing commissions all weekend! make sure to drop by our booth and say hi.

    see you there!

  4. sammy in her survivalist outfit inked up

  5. i’ll be tabling at anime expo this week. drop by artist alley table c34 and say hi!

    rogues gallery books will finally be available to non-kickstarter backers.

    - prints of gainax and capcom related characters will be sold.

    - and lastly, commission slots will/should be available at the con.

    hope to see everyone there!!
    much love,

  6. here’s my naruto piece completed.
    this is one half of a collab with a friend. 


  7. here’s the third casual rogues piece. this one features a dress by baby, the stars shine bright. gonna take a break from these casual pieces for a while.

  8. rasengan! working on a naruto/ryu collab with an old classmate. flats and colors for my portion coming soon!

  9. here’s a joystick i modded for a friend’s bday. i haven’t modded a stick since the ps2! was quite a lot of fun and was a great way to get my mind off of things. 

    also, i realized i’m really bad with an xacto knife

  10. here’s another casual rogues piece. this one featuring meagan and phunny bunny holding grocery bags

    more to come :)