1. here’s another commission piece i did at pax prime 2014.

    cammy in her vacation outfit :)

  2. vanessa wedge cosplays juri in her vacation dlc that i designed for ultra street fighter 4! she definitely nailed the pose and character! absolutely love it.

    make sure to follow vanessa and her cosplay greatness at her facebook page.

    drawing and outfit by me
    photo by kuroi okami

  3. here are my two vacation pieces side by side. 
    cammy and juri in their vacation dlc outfits i designed for ultra street fighter iv. 

    will post the process shots of these soon!

  4. another juri commission. this one done at this year’s evo2k14 tournament!

    she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite street fighter gals to draw

  5. british brawl! only one will survive! my money is on cammy :p

  6. three commissions done over the span of sdcc, anime expo, and evo2k14. the nerd community loves makoto! and so do i!

    her walk animation in 3rd strike is still the best sprite work to ever grace a video game.

  7. a gift i drew for lexie
    for our 1 year anniversary :)

    make sure to follow her fashion blog

  8. happy friday, everyone!

    here is juri in her vacation dlc outfit that i designed for ultra street fighter iv. 
    yes, we finally get juri with her hair down! :p

  9. pax last weekend was an absolute blast! worked on commissions all weekend and hung out with friendly pax fans. i’d like to thank the udon crew for having me again. 

    the city of seattle is freakin’ beautiful! i would consider moving there someday.

    til next time!

  10. pax prime was a success! here are two tekkonkinkreet commissions done over the weekend. one of my all time favorite movies/mangas.

    will post a more comprehensive update about pax soon!