1. i’m extremely proud to be part of the skullkickers team. 
    our 4th trade is coming out on july 10th. we’ve been through 23 issues together so far. i think that’s pretty dang awesome! 

    here’s a shout out to the team -
    jim zub  @jimzub - writer
    edwin huang(me!) @ironpinky - penciler and inker
    misty coats @xsaydax - colorist
    marshall dillon @MarshallDillon - letterer
    kevin raganit @kevinRAGES - inker
    ross a. campbell - colorist
    mike luckas @MikeLuckas - colorist

    and a big fat THANK YOU to our readers and followers. you guys absolutely rock!
    more skullkicking to come! stay tuned :)

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    Big congrats, guys
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    I’m re-blogging this awesome post by Edwin, because…holy guacamole! That is a LOT OF COMICS! I’ve been working as a...
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    Skullkickers is the best fantasy action comedy comic I’ve ever read, EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT AHHH
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    If you haven’t been reading skullkickers, now is a good time to start picking up the trades! I’ve helped out with...
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